All our Coaching and Mentoring Business Growth Programs have been developed on the Self-Funded Profits™ philosophy. That is, we will show you HOW to pay for our programs IN ADVANCE, before you invest a dollar. After all, Coaching should not be a risky proposition, right?

Whether you are looking for a Master Business Plan, Expert Implementation Coaching, Self-Study Training, or even working Personally with Scott, we have you covered.

Listen to Steve tell his breakthrough experience and then scroll down to learn about our Business Growth Coaching Options.

Steve Cela, CEO of Apnix Sleep Diagnostics in Texas

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One on One Profit Session
During this 30 minute power-packed call, we will help you uncover profit opportunities within your business that you can immediately implement without spending a dime on marketing. In fact, WE GUARANTEE WE WILL FIND YOU AT LEAST $25,000 or we will not discuss our fee based programs with you. Our training is focused on IMPLEMENTATION. So if you are ready to buckle down and work “on your business” to create predictable, long lasting revenue and profit increases, as well as learn to manage your business like a pro, then I invite you to review our Coaching options below.

*FREE ONE-ON-ONE PROFIT SESSION Find $25,000+ in Low Hanging Fruit Profit

It all started during an interview on The Jerry Bowyer Radio Talk Show in Western PA, where Scott created the $25,000 Profit Challenge where business owners went through an intense 30 minutes with him to uncover at least $25k in low hanging profits in their business .. the results?

Six businesses found a total of $5.8 Million in new profit streams, and then came back on air to share results!


Designed to help your company identify profit and growth opportunities that exist within your current business. “Optimizing” your processes, procedures and systems within your “Marketing, Sales, and Client Transactional Value” areas can collectively lead to significant profit increases, as much as 100%. And the best part is they require little time, money or effort to implement.

Taking Your Winning Concepts To The Next Level With Scott and His Teams’ Personal Help

In this program Scott comes to your company and spends the entire day with you and your team.

Spend 12 Months in the Trenches With Scott and Other Like-minded Business Owners in this Powerful Group Training where you will learn how to:
  1. Accelerate leads, sales conversion, maximize transitions, create raving fans and turbo-charge profits
  2. Implement and Execute with precision
  3. “Cement In” long term results that create wealth.