How your marketing message is packaged and communicated to your target prospects is critical.

Why? Because the most important thing is the number that actually read, hear or watch your marketing message and offer.

Let’s dig a bit deeper:

Suppose a business markets to 20,000 “qualified” people/households/businesses. This can be via direct mail, newspaper, social media, telesales, or a host of other methods.

Let’s further assume that the company makes one attempt to reach their target audience with a particular marketing message. How many of the qualified prospects will actually read, hear or watch the message? Well, it depends, but say assume 30% or 2500. This means that 70% or 14,000 never actually learn about the offer. Make sense? Can’t respond to what you never learned about.

Increase the exposure to 36% and you increase your new client revenue by 20%. And if we assume the conversions through the sales funnel remain constant, that equates to a 20% increase in revenue.

That’s impressive…but HOW do we achieve that increase?

Well, we teach clients 27 specific strategies, depending on their industry and marketing methods. What that said, here are a couple ideas to get you started.

  • Increase Message Repetition – Test running your same marketing message more often so more people get exposed to your message. We had a chiropractor client that ran a newspaper ad once a month to fill up their seminars. We suggested they run it twice (I know brilliant stuff)… the leads jumped 67% at an attractive ROI.
  • Increase The Effectiveness of Your Message – The goal here is to identify ways you can grab the attention of your prospects more effectively than you are now and engage more “potentially” interested prospects.
  • Instead of a headline like, “How To Beat Your Price Cutting Competitors”, test another one like,

    “Are You Losing Deals To Undercutting Competition?

    Our New Secret Weapon Will Help You Kick Your Competitions Ass…Over And Over Again…While They Scratch Their Heads In Disbelief

    Learn how in just 4 minutes”

Message Exposure is critical to success. So take a few minutes now to reflect on this simple, yet powerful weekly Profit Tip.


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