Hi this is Scott and I welcome you to ScottHallman.com where my team is dedicated to helping businesses effectively and predictably Grow, Manage and Profit, by systematically implementing proven success systems that have been field tested by thousands of businesses in over 250 different industries across the globe.

My goal is to help you predictably Double Your Profits, and Increase the value of your company by 2-5 times with little time, money, or effort.

Dynamic Training is the KEY to Success

The training resources we teach are based on “Dynamic Training” developed from real-world, in-the-trenches business experience. This is in sharp contrast to the all too common programs that are merely repackaged content from the past. I call that STATIC Training because although it may produce some results for a short period of time it quickly becomes outdated and ineffective as the economy changes, competition adapts and copies you, more advanced tools and resources become available.

In contrast, Dynamic Training is designed to provide ongoing, updated applications of the success strategies that are adapted to our ever changing environment so they continue to produce predictable, consistent performance results now and into the future.

The Business Growth Systems we teach have worked effectively in every economy, with every type of business, regardless of the business owners experience or expertise.

Proven and Tested In The Most Challenging Economies

I have personally used these strategies and tactics to build several companies from the ground up – the first during one of the worst recessions in history.

My companies have twice been named to the INC 500 list of The Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, and my last company that I co-founded grew from $0-$85M is 21 months and was valued at nearly $1 Billion dollars.

I don’t tell you this to brag but instead to validate that this system works.

3 Phase of Business Growth Training … and the BIG, BIG Change

Over the last several years Business Growth Training has evolved tremendously through 3 Phases.

Phase 1 – Awakening – This was the age of ideas… where a handful of trainers taught us the basics of marketing and sales that we desperately needed. We even were Wow’d by many advanced strategies, although not given the map on how to implement these.

Yet, businesses that implemented the basic, simple strategies quickly saw revenues and profits soar.

Phase 2 – Implementation 101 – Step by Step training – Next was the big breakthrough that evolved as businesses became frustrated with the inability to implement all these “great ideas” – knowing they would work if only they knew the HOW.

A handful of step by step training programs provided them with the ability to effectively IMPLEMENT both basic and advanced business growth strategies. …. in fact, my Power of ONE program was one of the first to do so.

And again, progressive businesses that adopted this success training thrived, while their competitors were left in the dust.

If Only Things Remained the Same

However, progress does not stand still and as more and more companies gained these skills the playing field leveled, no longer was the basic, one size fits all, training effective in creative a competitive advantage. This brought on the development of

Phase 3 – Customization – So once again, a handful of business growth trainers, including myself, focused on CUSTOMIZING and PERSONALIZING the training to fit different industries and different businesses that operated differently, had different competitive environments, had different resources, and different unique skills.

And in this phase savvy companies that learned these skills once again dominated their competitors and flourished.

But Now Things Have Shifted Again… in a BIG WAY

And this brings us to the new Phase of Business Growth Training, Systemization and Optimization – Generating new customers and getting them to consistently purchase from you both in the short and long term has COME TO A SCREECHING HALT for many “successful” business that were blindsided by the massive recession. A recession that caused money to dry up, desperate competitors to resort to price slashing, nervous businesses and individuals to stop buying as often, or even at all, and marketing, which once produced a predictable stream of leads, no longer effective.

And this has many business owners asking themselves, “How can I compete in this brutal economy where the rules all seem to have changed?”.

How Can You Compete… And Win BIG in Any Economy

The successful businesses today must learn to master the science of IMPLEMENTATION and EXECUTION in order to OPTIMIZE and MAXIMIZE every ounce of profits from their business….. and in turn create a massive gap their competitors cannot match.

Failure to do so will not only result in frustration and the feeling like they can never get ahead or have the freedom they deserve, it may even be the end of their business!

The 5 Step Business Growth System That Guarantees Results in ANY Economy

That is why we have developed and perfected a 5 Step Business Growth System that creates real business transformation, enabling any business to methodically and predictably build a profitable, well managed and highly sellable business.

All of our training programs incorporate this system.

It systematically guides business owners and executives through their New Client Generation; Client Value Maximization, and Profit and Wealth Building processes – Dynamically.

    • Step 1 – First, Optimize Revenues and Profits from current activities to generate immediate increase in leads, new clients and cash profits. Most businesses can increase profits 25%-100% with this one step alone using the Right Strategies, Right Tactics properly Executed.

    • Step 2 – Establish Fundamental Implementation Systems to effectively implement new strategies and tactics, and lock in performance increases that create new added cash flow profits that enable you to earn more money, hire top talent, and enjoy “Self-Funded Marketing™” (where you use your new profits to pay for your marketing).

    • Step 3 – Develop and Implement NEW Marketing and Sales Solutions using your newfound profits. Marketing is risky and many things you try simply will not produce the desired result. It takes some experimenting to find the most effective, winning formulas and take your business to the next level.

    • Step 4 – Systemize Your Business by implementing processes and procedures that enable you to effectively manage your business, train your team, ensure ongoing consistent results, and create the time freedom you deserve.

      And this brings you to perhaps the most exciting Step of All…

    • Step 5 – Position your company to sell for 2-5 times more money in just 2-5 years – This step is reserved for our advanced training. The fact is that a OPTIMIZED and SYSTEMIZED business is far more sellable and worth far more money. It also makes it far easier to raise capital.

Discover Which Training Resources are Right for Your Business

We have Business Growth Programs to fit any need or budget:

    • Self Study Programs that let you learn 24/7, at your own pace
    • Live, Interactive Group Training Programs via Webinar
    • Intense, 2 ½ day Immersion Events
    • One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring to help you achieve your goals

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