$25,000+ (based on company revenue)
(Guaranteed to Uncover at Least 10 times Fees in Added Profit Streams)

Qualifications: President, CEO, or Owner of Company with Revenue of $5M-$50M+ that has participated in a

One on One Profit Session

The Strategic Profit Planning Programâ„¢ is designed to help your company identify profit and growth opportunities that exist within your current business. “Optimizing” your processes, procedures and systems within your “Marketing, Sales, and Client Transactional Value” areas can collectively lead to significant profit increases, as much as 100%, that require little time, money, effort or risk.

The 6 Step Process is conducted by Scott Hallman. Scott’s companies have twice been named to the INC 500 list of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” and he built a third company that went from $0 – $85M in 21 months and had a market value of nearly one billion dollars.

The outcome of The Strategic Profit Planning Program includes opportunities to quickly and easily make simple performance improvements, to instantly increase profitability (thereby making your investment 100% “self-funded”), as well as more advanced business growth opportunities to increase new clients, increase profits and more effectively manage your business.

IMPORTANT: This is not an “idea” session. Instead, this is about identifying the opportunities that YOUR organization can realistically implement and customizing the strategy or tactic based upon your environment, skills, resources, and demands. Check out the actual outcomes of 17 companies that participated in the last series of Strategic Profit Planning Sessions that Scott did. IMPORTANT: All 17 are listed – this is not a cherry picked list!


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