The $1M+ Learning Lesson

How do your customers actually perceive the value you provide with your products(s), service(s) and customer care? Is it the same as you perceive it to be? What is the “reality”? Not having a clear answer to these questions can lead to underperformance that ranges from increased customer turnover to lower repeat purchases to getting fewer referrals than you deserve…and of course, giving up profit.

Several years ago, after investing several hundred thousand in our landscaping, we were on our third gardener and I was once again less than satisfied and wanted to replace this gardener. Said another way, I PERCEIVED that the gardener was not doing a great job and that I was paying for hours where little was getting done.

One day I came home and the gardener was out in our front yard. He waved at me to come over by him. He proceeded to walk me around the yard and show me some of the extra things he was doing in order for my yard to be perfectly groomed. He showed me how he had trimmed my ornamental trees so that they would grow into perfect specimens.

After he finished sharing with me all that he had done, I quickly realized that my PERCEPTION was not in fact REALITY. And in just a few moments the gardener went from getting a grade C, and on the verge of being replaced, to getting a grade A and being irreplaceable.

Are you doing a good job ensuring that your customers perceive your products and services at the highest level?

If not, evaluate ways that you can help them to see the advantages you provide clearly. It can be as easy as sharing outcomes with them on occasion.

A few years back one of our clients, a direct marketing service for dentists, saw reorders and client longevity jump up when educating their clients on the actual number of leads that the newsletters were generating for them. You see, the clients were not paying attention to the tracking reports and therefore PERCEIVED that they were getting very few leads but in REALITY the number was often 2-4 times higher than they thought.

In addition, the dentists PERCEIVED the value of these new patients was only the $70 initial visit fee but in REALITY these patients and their families expected lifetime value was over $6,000!

By educating the dentists on the true REALITY, they were able to get them excited to continue mailing their patients, and our client saw profits soar.

Take action on this tip and profit.

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