This week I want to switch from OPTIMIZING the steps in your Marketing-Sales-Client Value processes to PRODUCTIVITY.

I just interviewed Dave Crenshaw, author of “The Myth of Multitasking” and “Invaluable” ( During this power-packed one hour, Dave exploded the myth that multi-tasking is a good thing and took us through a really cool exercise to show it zaps productivity as much as 50%… not just for you the business owner but for EVERY employee as well.

He also showed ways to increase your productivity by 10-15 hours a week… that is equivalent to 12-25 work weeks per year! members will get full access to the interview but for the rest of you, I want to pass on a few gifts Dave provided in this interview.

First, here are four areas Dave guided us through to becoming more efficient and effective:

  1. Set Boundaries on your time – Dave turns off his cell phone and email at 5pm every day and on weekends. This forces him to be more productive in the time allotted.
    ==> ACTION – Set ONE boundary that will free up quality time for you
  2. Create Personal Systems – if you are multitasking so will everyone in the company. First work on your habits and set the example.
    ==> ACTION – Check emails twice a day…not whenever the bell rings!
  3. Utilize State of the Art Technology – Not expensive… just up to date. Having a slow computer can add 2% to your time…Not much you say? Well, that equates to ONE WEEK a year!
    ==> ACTION – Check emails twice a day… not whenever the bell rings!
  4. Upgrade Your Business Systems – if you are interrupted all the time and it seems like constant fires, then you have a “system” issue. One tactic Dave teaches is to create scheduled one on one meetings. One client gained 30% of their time with this one technique alone.
    ==> ACTION – Identify ONE frequent reason you are interrupted and look for simple ways to reduce these interruptions.
Take ONE action on these this week and start the journey to ultra productivity and time freedom.

Dave’s other gift… go to to see how much Multitasking is slowing you down… takes less than 2 minutes.

To Your Success,


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