One proven way to get more leads is simply to get more “Message Exposure”. What I mean by Message Exposure is simply getting more prospects to read, hear or watch your marketing message. Simple marketing math shows that the more prospects get exposed to your message, the more will turn into customers.

Here’s three ways to get more message exposure:

1. Efficiently increase the number of marketing repetitions. According to my friend the late Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing, only 1 out of 9 will see your well-placed ad (targeted), and it takes 3 advertising attempts to get your targeted prospects attention.

In addition, 90% of all purchase decisions are made in the subconscious mind, which responds to repetition. It has been said that “repetition breeds remembrance.” In today’s world the average prospect is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages each week. To get a prospect to even read your message you must send more than one. To get a prospect to become a customer also requires repetition. It takes more than eight messages on average for a prospect to buy. Many potential customers never become one because of the lack of repetition.

2. Add other lead sources and tactics. Examine how many lead sources you currently have. Could you add more? For example, are you currently using joint venture partners to bring you leads? Joint venture partners are companies who have existing relationships, such as with their customers, and are willing to promote you to their contacts, often for a percent of sales.

If you currently have some joint venture partners, can you recruit more?

What about additional tactics? Are you getting referrals from existing customers? Could you get more by asking in different ways such as when a prospect first becomes a customer or by direct mail?

3. Package and Deliver Your Message More Effectively. Are you testing the effectiveness of your message and continually improving it? For example, have you tested different headlines, delivery methods, and even colors to name a few?

Examine your current messaging approach to determine ways to get more Message Exposure. More exposure means more prospects are aware of your products and services and are reminded of them more often. By making some simple changes you can get more message exposure, more customers, more sales and more profits.

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