Scott Selected To Moderate Two Day Top Chiropractic Event

The PointOne Conclave Event was held June 1 and 2, 2016 at Parker College. The group is made up of the top .1% of practices in the nation.

Participants included multi-office cutting edge practices, a 5 location practice that recently sold a 75% stake for $50M… a telemedicine practice that aims to be the first billion dollar valued practice… a multi-disiplinary practice with 21 locations that is growing at 5 plus locations a month to name a few.

Scott was selected to lead the group from a list of leading chiropractor and trainers based on his vast experience coaching high-growth chiropractic practices, building his own companies that twice were ranked on the INC 500 list of America’s fastest Growing Private Companies, and his iconish list of private clients.

Event in April


Upcoming Event in Spring 2017


Upcoming Event in November 2017