CEO Mentor Program
Get One on One with Scott or one of his certified coaches for 12 months. Scott or your Coach will help you with all aspects of your business: Marketing, Sales, Management, Time Management, Hiring/Firing decisions, capital expenditures, and more.

Leverage off Scott or your Coach’s wealth of experience in building national companies. Scott or your Coach has helped clients grow and manage growth. To Register for the Exploratory Call with Scott or one of his Certified Coaches, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you qualify, the CEO Mentor Program consists of:

Premier Business Coaching*
Two-Four Interactive Meetings per month. You’ll be guided through the development of powerful marketing, sales, and client value maximization systems that will drive up profitability and dramatically increase revenue. Plus you will learn to develop a fine tuned management system that increases your control, enables you to cement in peak performance, and increases the value of your company dramatically.

The 12 month program takes you through Four (4) Dynamic Phases

Phase 1 – Rapid Profit Cash Flow – Scott or your Coach will identify simple, easy to implement strategies and systems that will drive in profit almost immediately. These will include application of the Leveraging Your Success™ and ProfitNow™ technologies. Scott or your Coach wants to first cultivate the “low hanging fruit” that will fund your growth and line your pockets. Generally, clients pay for our 12 month fees multiple times over during the first 60 days.

Phase 2 – Predictable Marketing™ – Building a New Client (patient, member, customer)) Acquisition Floodgate – During this phase you will build a systematic program that includes a powerful sales presentation or story, and a 7-10 stage sequential marketing campaign – complete with powerful and compelling direct mailers, emails, telesales scripts and advertisements. You will follow the Predictable Marketing System to create Predictable client flow.

Phase 3 – Building Long Term, Profitability Maximizing Customer Relationships – In this phase you will implement systems that build strong customer loyalty so you cement in your revenue stream for years to come.

Phase 4 – Management Systems – In this phase you will develop the needed systems for better managing all aspects of your operations through all stages of growth. In addition, you will learn to manage your time more effectively and work on the activities and tasks you like and leave the rest to staff.

NOTE: Each coaching arrangement is unique. The above phases may be done in different order depending upon your needs. All programs include ALL Scott’s audio and video training programs.

You must have at least $5M in revenue to work with Scott or $250,000+ with a Certified Profit Coach, and be President or CEO or Business Owner.

Registration Information *REQUIRED
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Revenue Range* Minimum qualifying revenue of $250,000

All information will be strictly confidential and not shared with anyone outside our company