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Is Your Compelling Offer Actually Alienating Your Prospects?

When the government was offering its highly touted “cash for clunkers program,” I heard a commercial on the radio for an auto dealership that really brought home a major problem I see small business owners making every day. The car … Continue Reading &#8211›

Do You Need A Bird Dog?

Here’s an interesting question. What % of potential deals do you know about? Regardless of what method you use to generate leads, many of your target prospects still don’t know about you or the products or services you sell. Therefore, … Continue Reading &#8211›

Perception Versus Reality

A $1M+ Lesson Do your customers really value you at the level they should? If not, you will fail to retain them as long as you should; fail to maximize the frequency of their purchases; fail to get them to … Continue Reading &#8211›

Get More Message Exposure

One proven way to get more leads is simply to get more “Message Exposure”. What I mean by Message Exposure is simply getting more prospects to read, hear or watch your marketing message. Simple marketing math shows that the more … Continue Reading &#8211›

How to Add 10-15 Hours a Week

This week I want to switch from OPTIMIZING the steps in your Marketing-Sales-Client Value processes to PRODUCTIVITY. I just interviewed Dave Crenshaw, author of “The Myth of Multitasking” and “Invaluable” ( During this power-packed one hour, Dave exploded the myth … Continue Reading &#8211›