Is Your Compelling Offer Actually Alienating Your Prospects?

When the government was offering its highly touted “cash for clunkers program,” I heard a commercial on the radio for an auto dealership that really brought home a major problem I see small business owners making every day. The car dealer was berating the governments program… saying that by the time the majority of people got qualified and completed the mountain of paperwork needed to complete the transaction, the money allocated for the program would be gone.

The dealer then went on to proclaim that any customer buying from them didn’t need to worry about this situation at their dealership. Instead, they would instantly discount all of their new cars by the same amount the government was offering, so come on in and buy from us today… no hassle, no problems, simple and easy.

Yeah right… if ONLY! Is there anyone remotely alive today that actually believes this garbage? Now granted, this dealer isn’t lying… they will indeed give you the same amount the government is promising… but the way they do it is to discount the car that amount from the “sticker price,” which we all know is already over-inflated by close to that exact same amount they’re offering.

Unfortunately, most people show up expecting this wonderful discount and then realize they are more or less being exposed to a “bait and switch” routine. Ahhh, the auto industry. Is it any wonder why most people would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than visit a dealer showroom?

Are You Making This Same Mistake?


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Do You Need A Bird Dog?

Here’s an interesting question. What % of potential deals do you know about?

Regardless of what method you use to generate leads, many of your target prospects still don’t know about you or the products or services you sell.

Therefore, a great OPTIMIZATION opportunity is to identify ways to get the attention of more of your qualified prospects so that you get the opportunity to “be in the game” when they are ready to buy. For many businesses this simple shift alone will certainly increase the number of new clients, customers, patients or members that do business with you.

In the first part of this series, I WILL focus on businesses that utilize a direct sales force, whether in person or over the phone.


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Perception Versus Reality

A $1M+ Lesson

Do your customers really value you at the level they should? If not, you will fail to retain them as long as you should; fail to maximize the frequency of their purchases; fail to get them to buy more of your other products and services; and fail to get the referrals you deserve…and of course, miss out on tons of profit.

Several years ago, after investing several hundred thousand in our landscaping, we were on our third gardener and I was once again less than satisfied and wanted to replace this gardener. Said another way, I PERCEIVED that the gardener was not doing a great job and that I was paying for hours where little was getting done.


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