The Power of Packages

How To Turbo-Charge Conversion and Skyrocket Profits by Finding "Sweet" Spots in Your Product or Service Offerings.

We have been having enormous success with teaching clients how to use packages – that is a combination of products or services that create greater perceived value and allows you to reach different price points in the market place.

Here is one of the three ways we teach on how to use The Power of Packages to instantly increase profits without spending a dime.

Tony Robbins Gets it – To the Tune of $1.7M Per Event


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Entrepreneurial Virus

The "Productivity Enhancers" That May be Killing Your Business

Technology has provided us with some incredible ways to increase productivity. But is it possible to get too much of a good thing? Well, when it comes to our personal availability – anywhere, anytime, in an instant, the answer is absolutely yes.

Now don’t get me wrong, 24/7 access can be a great thing, but it needs to be controlled and balanced to avoid contracting a Entrepreneurial Productivity Killer Virus that will weaken your ability to maximize your business potential.

If you are like many of our clients, you may have tremendous difficulty staying focused and therefore struggle with getting important tasks completed – even ones that can have a measurable improvement on your profits, lifestyle and competitiveness of your business. You may also have a habit of putting off planning "until you have time".

If that describes you, even a little, then I think you will get a ton of value out of what I am going the share with you here.


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The Marketing Maximization Formula

Knowing Your "Cost Of Customer Acquisition" Can Turbo-Charge Even the Tightest Marketing Budget.

What can businesses do to increase sales and improve profitability, without spending more money?

One of the questions I always ask clients is, "What is your cost per customer acquisition? And in about 95% of the cases I get a blank stare or silent voice, followed by "I don’t know."

Now this triggers multiple tactical and strategic thoughts of how I can help them, but for this article I will cover the one that addresses, "Maximizing Your Current Spend." That is, if you are spending say $5,000 a month in advertising (on and offline) are you spending it optimally?


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Conversion is King

How Sweating the “Small” Stuff Can Transform Your Business Without Spending a Dime.

With the economy showing signs of a potential recession, what can businesses do to increase sales and improve profitability?

Spending risky advertising and marketing dollars might work for you but there is a way better way. I call it “Conversion Driver Technology™”. Ok, not a great marketing idea. But that is because it really is an operations system…a way of optimizing your results, and your profits. (more…)

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