• How much true satisfaction are you receiving from your current career position?

    • Are you a frustrated talent in a company where you are underappreciated?

    • Are you the top rainmaker in a company that can’t deliver on its promised earning potential?

    • Are you working in a shrinking industry that’s downsizing and moving toward obsolescence?

    • Are you a rising star that just hasn’t had the right opportunity to reach your potential?

    • Or are you simply at a place in your sales career where it’s just time for a change?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then we have a very real sales opportunity you’ll want to hear about…

We’re looking for top sales talent for our high performance executive coaching business based in the USA, and with a commitment to significantly increase revenue over the next 5 years, and especially over the next 12 months.

But just to be clear, this position requires a self-starter –
a top performer with a track record of proven success.

If you don’t have the drive, the ambition, or the desire to succeed in your career, then you are not a candidate. If you’re new to sales and don’t have professional selling experience, this position is not a fit for you. On the other hand, if you’ve been frustrated by companies that just don’t get it, that limit your commissions and earning potential, or play games with your compensation plan, then you’ll love this opportunity.

Founded in 2000, our company provides high-level consulting services to CEO’s, C-level executives, and independent business owners. These services include coaching, consulting, training, and business growth strategies. But most importantly…we help companies to be far more profitable regardless of size or industry.

The impact we have is such that our clients SING our praises in true gratitude. That is not an overstatement, and it’s not hyperbole. Our clients refer to us with words like “blessing,” “gift,” “amazing,” “astonishing,” “WOW!” So how would you like to make great money by helping business owners make a lot more money?

We’re a real company, not some MLM nonsense.

There is no “buy-in”. This is a professional position…for a true sales professional. And it’s a STRAIGHT COMMISSION position, too. No free rides here. No base. Sink or swim. Can you handle that? Are you good enough?

Your market will be all of North America (and potentially international) with strong earning potential and advancement opportunities. Your first “sale” is actually gifting a $25,000+ value to your prospect with NO further obligation, which propels you into a conversation about how you can help them further. YES you heard that right…your first sale is not really a sale at all…you will be giving the business owner a gift worth a minimum of $25k…which results in a highly interested prospect that really wants to hear how you can help them further.

From there you will introduce the now “hot” prospect to our services. Our introductory services are $3K and $5K options that include training, coaching and a growth system that will blow their minds and revolutionize how they view growing their companies. And your cut is up to 35%.

When they go on to become a client for a longer-term engagement, you have options for reaping a piece of that action, too. Once you learn our material, you can also start coaching clients – and there’s plenty of money to be made doing that, too.

Again, this is a performance-based position, straight commission, so it’s not for everybody. But if you’re a true top performer you can earn $75, $100, $150, $200k and up, all based on how motivated and driven you are to create a certain level of income.

So the real questions are as follows:

    • Do you have the confidence and skill to develop relationships with business owners and C-level executives so you can help them save time, save money, better their businesses, protect their interests and produce better overall results for themselves professionally?

    • Are you a passionate go-getter who always finds a way to help someone by offering him or her what you know they need?

    • Are you a master communicator? Is your follow-up amazing? Are you organized, computer-capable, articulate and positive all day long? Are you coachable and teachable? Are you a team player?

We’re building a team and looking for the right kind of people who want to make great money for years and stay right here with us, like family. That’s how we are, who we are and what we require. Got heart? Love your clients? Love helping people for real? Maybe you belong here with us.

On the other hand, if you’re not made of the right stuff, you won’t make it past the first 10-minute phone interview. We are authentic, legit, and sincere…and that’s the only kind of person who will be comfortable on our team.

If you’re a job hopper looking for a quick hit rather than a stable and growing, real opportunity, you won’t make it past the second interview.

But if you truly enjoy helping people and want something real where you can make a difference and be a happy member of a winning team–we should talk.

If you are one of the best salespeople you’ve ever met, then please look at what’s required of you.


    • Ability to call on qualified businesses by phone (or in person if you prefer) and get to the owner/CEO so you can help him/her.

    • Ability to follow a successful sales process that is already in place (and tweak it to make it natural for yourself, of course).

    • Ability to use your computer very well. You don’t have to be a programmer (we have programmers for that) – but if you can’t use email, Word, or the web, then we’re just not a good fit for you; after all this is the 21st century

    • A dedicated home office environment, high speed Internet, your own phone, and the space and discipline to work from home.

    • A verifiable track record of being a top producer. We WILL check your references and we will be thorough.

    • Honor. Honesty. Integrity. Authenticity. Candor. Punctuality. Dependability. Professional Courtesy. Be an A+ on each of those qualities.

Again, we don’t care how old you are and we don’t care what products or services you’ve sold in the past. What we do care about is whether or not you’re a top sales performer. We hire top sales performers regardless of age, gender, or background…period. Young or old, if you have the right stuff we will know it, and we want to speak with you.

The most important thing is that YOU CAN SELL…THAT is what matters. If you CAN sell, and if this sounds like it might be a fit…

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