Are You Really Trusted By Your Customers?

The bottom line is, people buy from companies they know, like and trust. They also buy from those who are perceived as experts in their field.

To build trust:

  • Show you care about THEM instead of appearing only focused on a sale. When you interact with a prospect, adopt a helpful mindset. When a prospect engages you in communications (phone, in person, email, or text exchange), listen to what the prospect is saying so you can respond directly to their particular needs. Exceed their expectations in how you interact with them. Treat all of your prospects like you would like to be treated as a prospect.

  • Position yourself as an EXPERT in the field by providing valuable information that will help them address a problem or concern. This can be communicated in multiple ways such as an email with valuable information, special reports (with real content), eBooks, audios, videos and webinars. Providing informative, educational information will enhance your image as a true expert. Answer common questions a prospect is likely to ask in your communications. Also, answer questions IN ADVANCE that a prospect should but may not ask.

  • Lead the prospect to what they NEED AND WANT. Many prospects are quietly asking for help in solving the problem or pain that caused them to come to you in the first place.

Examine each touch point with your prospects and make sure you are showing you care. Review your communications to determine how else you can be perceived as an expert. Build trust and you will build profits. Communicate as an expert and you will be rewarded.

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