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How many top prospects are EXPOSED?

How your marketing message is packaged and communicated to your target prospects is critical. Why? Because the most important thing is the number that actually read, hear or watch your marketing message and offer. Let’s dig a bit deeper:

Do You Have Strong Customer Loyalty?

Just a small increase in the amount of time a customer remains your customer can drop huge profits to your bottom line. If you sell products or services that are routinely purchased, such as supplements, haircuts, consulting, golf, medical care, … Continue Reading &#8211›

3 Steps to Instant Profits

Most businesses I speak to are unaware that “inactive” customers can be a gold mine of hidden profits within their business. Or all too often they have taken on the false belief that these “inactive or lost customers” are not … Continue Reading &#8211›

Reality Vs. Perception

The $1M+ Learning Lesson How do your customers actually perceive the value you provide with your products(s), service(s) and customer care? Is it the same as you perceive it to be? What is the “reality”? Not having a clear answer … Continue Reading &#8211›

Systematically Getting More From Your Customers

Welcome to this week’s Profit Tip where we bring you real-world ways to Build-Grow-Manage-Profit from your business. My goal is that you earn at least $1,000 an hour for every hour you spend learning and applying our profit strategies. Years … Continue Reading &#8211›