The 7 Buying Fundamentals That Every Business Must Understand

Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever. Therefore, to win the game of attracting and converting clients, customers or patients you must provide them with an experience that includes 7 key fundamentals. Fail to do this and you will never build the business you deserve.

They’re based on fundamental human nature… still applicable today as they were 1000 years ago.

Fundamental #1 – Everyone wants the “best deal.”

Your prospects, no matter who they are or what it is they’re buying, always want the best deal. That doesn’t mean the lowest price… it means the most value for the price they pay. They will gladly pay twice the price… as long as they perceive they’re receiving four times the value when they compare it to the price.

The key words here of course are “perceived value.” So what exactly do prospects value? They value finding the solution to their biggest problem, frustration, fear or concern. And that brings us to…

Fundamental #2 – Always market to the negative.

Never forget that the vast majority of human beings will do anything to avoid pain… but very little to gain pleasure.

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make every day is they try to market to the positive… and avoid the negative like the plague. That’s the worst thing they can possibly do. Chiropractors keep trying to market wellness to their prospects. Prospects don’t care about wellness… they care about feeling pain. They care about the fact that they can’t stand up without excruciating pain shooting down their spine. That’s what they will respond to when it comes to marketing.

Prospects don’t want to lose weight in order to feel better and regain their health. They want to lose weight because their doctor told them if they don’t, they won’t live another five years… or they hate the way they look… or the way they’re treated… or the fact that their self-esteem has been damaged. Show them the solution to these so-called “hot button” issues, and they will buy from you forever.

Fundamental #3 – Prospects buy based on emotion.

This is a big one. Human beings make buying decisions based mostly on emotion. They only use logic to justify their purchase. This ties in directly with marketing to the negative. Prospects either want out of pain or they want to avoid pain, and that resonates with them emotionally.

If you were a child psychologist who specialized in helping parents with emotionally disturbed and out-of-control kids, which of the following headlines in an ad would immediately grab your attention? The one that says “I can help you rediscover the joy and happiness your family deserves?” Or… “Would you like a 5 minute solution that will end the yelling, screaming and belligerent attitude of your child forever?”

That’s kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Market to the negative, and make it as emotionally compelling as possible. Hit your prospects squarely in their hot buttons, and you automatically make an emotional connection.

In the next blog post I will share more all important “Human Buying Fundamentals.”

To Your Success,

Scott Hallman

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