4 Tips for Generating More Quotes/Proposals

Does your business have a formal proposal or quote process, or require written confirmations, or other information before a prospect will purchase? If so, you have a “proposal” step in your sales process no matter what you call it.

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money to generate leads, connect with and engage with prospects in some fashion. Your investment in these efforts is worthless if you don’t get the opportunity to submit a QUALITY PROPOSAL.

Like getting up to bat in baseball, the more opportunities you have to submit a quality proposal, the greater will be your success. Just a 3% increase in the number of prospects and opportunities you turn into proposals can yield increased profits with little time, money and effort. It’s the power of incremental improvement I’ve stressed in many of these newsletters.

Want More Proposals?

Here Are 4 Quick Tips


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Are You Really Trusted By Your Customers?

The bottom line is, people buy from companies they know, like and trust. They also buy from those who are perceived as experts in their field.

To build trust:

  • Show you care about THEM instead of appearing only focused on a sale. When you interact with a prospect, adopt a helpful mindset. When a prospect engages you in communications (phone, in person, email, or text exchange), listen to what the prospect is saying so you can respond directly to their particular needs. Exceed their expectations in how you interact with them. Treat all of your prospects like you would like to be treated as a prospect. (more…)

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