Accelerated Sales Conversions – 5 Elements For Turning Way More Leads Into Clients

You’ve invested time and money getting leads into your sales funnel. You may even be doing well with sales. However, if you’re like most businesses you may be leaving a significant amount of money on the table because you have not maximized how you handle your leads.

Here are 5 elements to getting more customers from the same number of leads:

Element 1 – Speed – Ever had an interest in a product or service and filled out an online form or made a phone call to get more information from a potential supplier only to find they took days and sometimes weeks to get back to you – or even worse, they never got back to you?

  • Do you know how fast you respond to sales inquiries?
  • Are you tracking response rates?
  • Have you set a standard for how quickly you respond to inquiries?

Respond faster and more consistently and you will turn more leads into sales. This is a simple but powerful idea.


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