The Truth About Selling Real Value…

All small and medium size business owners, at some point in time, are faced with the pressure to offer lower prices or greater discounts. This is especially true for those of you who sell, or want to sell at the higher end of your market. There are many schools of thought about dealing with this common sales objection, but the general consensus is to steer the prospect away from the conversation of price and toward a discussion of VALUE.


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The Power of EXPERT PERCEPTION Positioning

Who would you go see if faced with a life threatening medical diagnosis? A general practitioner or a specialist? You’d be drawn like a magnet to the expert, wouldn’t you? Well, this same decision making process works for selecting any business or professional your prospects trust with their business. The PERCEIVED expert has a massive competitive advantage in any marketplace.

So, are you the recognized expert in your niche and community? Do your customers and target prospect agree? Regardless of the business you are in – even in a business that is considered a commodity – there is usually a way to gain the EXPERT ADVANTAGE. (more…)

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