The Marketing Maximization Formula

Knowing Your "Cost Of Customer Acquisition" Can Turbo-Charge Even the Tightest Marketing Budget.

What can businesses do to increase sales and improve profitability, without spending more money?

One of the questions I always ask clients is, "What is your cost per customer acquisition? And in about 95% of the cases I get a blank stare or silent voice, followed by "I don’t know."

Now this triggers multiple tactical and strategic thoughts of how I can help them, but for this article I will cover the one that addresses, "Maximizing Your Current Spend." That is, if you are spending say $5,000 a month in advertising (on and offline) are you spending it optimally?


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Using The Power of Compliance to Reduce Refunds and Increase Customer Loyalty

Getting prospects to buy your product is just the first step.

Often products are returned because the purchaser failed to utilize the product as intended, whether due to inactivity or confusion.

Today, more importantly than ever before, it is critical that you ensure that your customers are effectively using your product and fully enjoy the benefits so they keep it, love it, and want to buy even more from you. >

The Power of Compliance is about first getting the customer to utilize the product as intended. Failure to do so will ensure it is returned for a refund and often will lead to the customer no longer purchasing from you.


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