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Conversion is King

How Sweating the “Small” Stuff Can Transform Your Business Without Spending a Dime. With the economy showing signs of a potential recession, what can businesses do to increase sales and improve profitability? Spending risky advertising and marketing dollars might work … Continue Reading &#8211›

Perception Versus Reality

A $1M+ Lesson Do your customers really value you at the level they should? If not, you will fail to retain them as long as you should; fail to maximize the frequency of their purchases; fail to get them to … Continue Reading &#8211›

“Utilizing a “Bottom Up Sales Funnel” to Predictably Hit Sales Targets”

Have you ever made projections about expected sales and missed the target… Perhaps badly? Has this happened more than once or perhaps frequently? What if there was a way to almost guarantee you actually achieve your projected sales targets? Introducing … Continue Reading &#8211›

Cement in Customer Loyalty OR Spend an Unnecessary Fortune in Marketing

Have you ever thought about how loyal your customers are? If so, how do you now measure this loyalty? Do you measure and track your customer attrition rate? Do you periodically survey your customers? Whether you know it or not, … Continue Reading &#8211›